The Decoder

Having a child that’s learning to talk can be so adorable and exhausting at the same time.

the selfie king 👆

Off late, Tiny has been using new words and it has been throwing me off completely. The other day he was crying and throwing a fit asking for ‘offu’ and it took me ten mins to figure out he was asking  for ‘coffee’ ( He usually drinks super light coffee or ginger tea or hotlinks, don’t even think about talking me out of doing this)

A little while back he was frantically asking me where his ‘ponnu’ was. Ponnu usually means girl, sometimes used to refer a bride-to-be or newly wed. I didn’t know whether I should laugh or cry when I realised he meant ‘pen’ and not a female company.

He refers to chips as fufs and says Allaabba for Allahu Akbar. He calls Haaziq ‘ Hashka’ and cycle as ‘seekh’. There’s something new to discover and decode every day. Alhamdulillah a million times ♥

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