Chewy Cookie 🍪 Tips

Chocolate chip cookies.

I always had the problem of getting flat cookies and not thick, chunky, chewy ones.

Like these tasty but wafer thin butter cookies. And many, many failed cookie attempts.

Please, excuse the quality, I didn’t know I’d be putting these pictures on a blog two years after.

Finally got it perfect! Alhamdulillah!

Can u smell the cookie dough? I’m a sucker for these beauties!

What helped:
1) Chilling the dough. Not ten minutes. Not fifteen minutes, but for hours. Like at least 3 hours. Even better when left overnight.

2) Keeping the tray in the freezer for a few minutes before the baking spree.

3) Making the cookie dough balls and just lightly flattening the top when placed to bake

4) Taking them out undercooked and letting the cookie cool on the pan itself for a good 15 minutes

5) Once taken out of the oven, slightly flatten them more with the back of a spoon to desired thickness

6) The cookie continues to cook as it cools. So keep your hands off them till they are done.

7) Use butter paper and not aluminium foil. Foil tends to conduct heat and cause the cookie dough to spread more than you’d like.

I hope these tips help make some yummy chunky cookies 🍪 😋. Happy Baking!


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