How I came to do what I do

I recently came across a post where the question asked was ‘ How do you trace what you do now back to your childhood passion?’

When I grew up, I hated art. I couldn’t draw. I sucked at colouring. I always made someone else do all my school work that had anything to do with these. It was a matter of being inspired by a very talented Aunt who came into my life when I was about 7. Her drawings and paintings looked like they were printed. She would doodle with a marker to perfection. Her walls, cutlery, lampshades, tabletops were filled with her artwork. She crocheted. She did henna. She could do it all, and with so much humility, mashaAllah.

More than the product, I was mesmerised with the process. The passion, the excitement, the ‘forgetting the rest of the world’s when she got into the crafty mode. That, I wanted. And I’ve been working for it, and on it, since. 

I then got into a phase where I had to compulsively doodle. I couldn’t do without a paper and pen, especially when I needed to be attentive or I needed to cool off. It’s highly possible that if you find me quiet during a seminar or watching a movie, my mind is somewhere else. The person that I have become, I need to be reading, tapping, or drawing on something else to be attentive. So much so that I only watch shows with subtitles because my mind travels faster than light when I have to just sit and watch. 

(So take a hint when I seem to listen to you a little too attentively.)


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