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The Farah Saeed Trust Logo- Design Process/ Case Study

Logo designing is one of the most underrated jobs in the design world. IT can make the brand ‘noticeable’ and something everyone takes a double look at, and bad design can make people disregard you business as unprofessional and insignificant. People tend to think of it as a few swishes and stylized alphabets put together. The truth is, logo designing takes a lot of research and has so many steps in the process of it’s creation. It takes a lot of thinking and brainstorming to come up with something unique. This is why designers can take weeks to come up with a design. There are big shot companies that spend months- even up to a year!- to design a logo, because of the amount of effort and improvising it takes. There’s a lot of science behind it, from color theory to proportioning via grid and the fibonacci sequence, and doesn’t involve just pretty pieces of clipart put together. This applies to good, well thought of designs that have a good impact and makes heads turn. Here we share how the FST logo took shape, one of our first and popular.

When we came across the organization The Farah Saeed Trust, we were overwhelmed with the intention and focus of this group of people who’d come together. The FST is founded by Hafsa Waseela, a sister in Islam, a doctor, and an ideal friend. What makes an ideal friend? A good friend is she who strives for good and in the path of Islam for those whom she lives. I call her ideal because the purpose of this organization is to serve as a Sadaqah e Jariya for her friend Dr Farah, who departed the dunya after battling cancer. To make donations or see how else you can help with this impeccable trust, click here.

The first conceptual sketch is seen below. The idea was to put together the lowercase english alphabet f along with the Arabic letter ‘fa’ within a butterfly-ish shape to denote a soul flown away.

conceptual sketch2

As we doodled on, we added some depth. We imagined a ribbon folded along the shape and drew a reference pic that we outlined with the pen tool on adobe illustrator and adjusted the scale.

There is a reason we chose the color purple. A while back we came across an article trending on the significance of the purple butterfly sticker in the cribs and incubators in nurseries of hospitals for newborns. A purple butterfly sticker represents a baby that was a part of a multiple pregnancy, but where unfortunately, all babies didn’t survive. Read the full story on who started this idea and why here.

The Farah Saeed Trust Logo

In our short blogging journey so far, we have met so many people who have helped us gain perspective. SubhanAllah, how Allah brings some people into our lives and with reason. Allah knows best.

We’re honoured to have been a part of this significant project. May Allah accept our deeds and reward us and Farah for our intentions and actions


8 thoughts on “The Farah Saeed Trust Logo- Design Process/ Case Study

  1. I love the output… Sad to know about the purple butterfly logo, though. My old blog icon was a purple butterfly but I’ve changed it recently. Didn’t know the meaning and I was on a different concept before. I figured I didn’t have to go so deep in terms of logos.


  2. What a beautiful initiative! I hear you on the logo design. There is so much you have to take into consideration. I have tried getting the ball rolling on my logo design but I found that I don’t know what I want so it’s hard for a designer to come up with one for me!


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