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DIY-Monograms made with foam board/ carton scraps and prettied with patterned fabric

You know what everyone appreciates? 

Wall decor.

From woven dream-catchers to elaborate murals, from canvases to simple textured paint, from patterned wallpaper to a simple accent wall, frommonograms to welcome signs made with terracotta and felt, and every thing in between, everyone likes something.

Unless you have an OCD about having spik and span walls, in the case of which you may have chosen to never have pets.

or kids.

My parents didn’t spend a lot of time or effort or money on making walls pretty, mainly because we always lived in rented homes ( in Saudi Arabia) away from our hometown ( South India). They didn’t think it was worth it since we never know when we’d have to relocate out of the blue. 

I always adored the homes of my relatives and friends who personalized their homes as much as they could with whatever little they had. After having studied design, and having a home of my own, you’d think I’d have taken some effort to brighten up my living space. Well, the utmost i ever did was paint some florals on the wall facing the entrance in my first ever home. Sadly, I don’t have a decent picture. This was after the paint started peeling off several months later- as I had diluted them more than recommended. You’d think I’d be embarrassed to share it, but when you become a mom and have practically maxed out on mortifying scenes, it’s all good. 

One fine day, when we moved to my second home, in Riyadh, I thought, I should do something to make it homey. I was at the beginning of the third trimester of my second pregnancy, and all I had around was the cartons we had unpacked and lot of dresses and clothes that needed to be thrown out- but I had held on to, due to sentimental value.  And I made this


I decided to do the best I can with what I had. I always wanted to make a monogram, as a welcome sign, for parties, or simply my name in pretty colors in the bedroom. I of course couldn’t do thatit now, cz it wud be unfair to put up my name, and I didn’t have the attention span or patience or stamina to do many alphabets. So, I set out to make one for my son.

An alphabet costs about SR 20 in Jarir Bookstore, and the sizes and styles are super limited. I simply made mine out of scraps 😂😇

Materials Needed

Craft knife, scissors

Cutting Mat

Foamboard, Carton sheets, or thermocole- for the base

Fabric that you can spare, or acrylic paints

Cello tape ( I used opaque take so that it’d be easy to follow)

Double sided tape- to mount on the wall


  • First, you need to decide on the alphabets, size, and font style. Since I wasn’t too keen on perfecting the project, I drew out the alphabets in consistent sizes in block letters.
  • You may want to print out the alphabets in a pretty font and stick to the base. Simply, slowly, and carefully, cut out the alphabets with the knife with a cutting mat beneath.

Once you are done with all the alphabets, and are ready to wrap them up in fabric, follow these steps:

  • Measure the longest and widest sides of the first alphabet and draw a rectangle on the material of the measurements. 
  • Leave out at least two inches on each of the four sides and cut the fabric into a rectangle fairly bigger than the alphabet. 
  • Make cuts on the edges that would rlp tobe tightly wrap the fabric around the alphabet, and stick it at the back with cellotape. Do not stretch the fabric as the proportion of the pattern may get distorted.
  • For alphabets like A or O where you need to creat a void, make slits at the center and secure it in the same way with tape.

Don’t worry about layers of tape, having to roll fabric and sticking, and little imperfections. 

I like the shrinked pleats at the corners of some alphabets. You can avoid them by making the slits deeper and tightening the fabric around the alphabet a little more.

How easy, and nice is that? I also save the fabric as a nice piece of souvenir.

Alternatively you could spray paint foam board or cardboards.

Another favorite trick is to wrap each alphabet up in yarn. Imagine the kinda color combinations you could theme it up with.

Well I love glitter, so next time I’m going to dip my alphabets in glittery goodness. Or make them out of glittered foam to avoid the mess we created when we made the glitter star prop.


9 thoughts on “DIY-Monograms made with foam board/ carton scraps and prettied with patterned fabric

  1. Cuuuuuttte! What does Haaziq mean? I love this DIY….can’t wait to try it out. I know the young people would love to see their names displayed – this just means a wall with many names.


  2. Living the abroad life, I know exactly what you mean by never experiencing such elaborate home designs due to moving around a lot. Now I’m married I still live the life of a nomad as both my husband and I are abroad, too. Also, being lazy and not talented in such… I would probably not get any wall mural done in my life. I used to imagine painting walls, with my Illustrations or what not. That was back when I used to paint on canvas as a hobby. Oh well… Who knows?


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