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From a worry-er to warrior! 4 Exercises to Worry Less

Why do we worry so much?

What do you mostly worry about?

My latest big concern was that the fish fry was too spicy and possibly overcooked. I beat myself over it for a good ten minutes until I forced myself to stop thinking about it.

From waking up on time to going to bed on time, we constantly pick on the tiniest things and plan and plan, & then get upset when things don’t go as envisioned. I used to be the girl who’d become sad when I absent-mindedly swallow the last bite of food, without savoring and enjoying it. Yea, I know.

I then learned how to be more mindful of how far we let our minds wander, and how to be less sensitive to insignificant details of our daily life.


 Is it worth my time?

No matter what makes you frown, think ahead. Imagine yourself five years from now. Whatever it is that’s eating you head, would it matter then? If your son’s ‘7’ was the Arabic ‘6’, or if you ripped your favorite leggings, would it in any way affect your happiness or quality of life?


Then it isn’t worth your time.



Ask yourself- how can I fix it?

Remember, if it is in your power to change or alter it, DO IT, and get done with it.

If not, throw it to the back of your mind and let it remain unnoticed for a good 5-8 years. I think that’s how long it takes to disregard details eventually.

And I am not just talking about your faded, torn leggings, this applied to anything- whether it’s a job you are dissatisfied with, or people that you dislike, or simply, absolutely anything that consumes your positive energy. If it is something you can give up or quit or fix, do it. If the status updates of a far more successful not- so- friendly- old- friend makes you feel small, unfollow that person. Take CONTROL of your surroundings, whom you allow in your space, and your life. BEgin the change.

“If you are unhappy where you are, MOVE! You’re not a tree!”


There is nothing, and absolutely nothing that a prayer cannot help with.

“The shortest distance between your problem and your solution lies between the floor and your knees”.

Prayer, Faith, God is the ultimatum- for those that believe. With every sujood, leave the burden on your shoulders at His feet. Prayers, move mountains.

“If Allah helps you, none can overcome you: If He forsakes you, who is there, after that, that can help you? in Allah, then, Let believers put their trust. (Surah Al-Imran, 160)”

Trust & believe in him. There is nothing that’s beyond Allah’s power!

“.. And if any one puts his trust in Allah, sufficient is (Allah) for him. For Allah will surely accomplish his purpose: verily, for all things has Allah appointed a due proportion. (Surah At-Talaq, 3

And then. it wouldn’t matter anymore, in shaa Allah.



Count your blessings!

All it takes is some perspective to understand what we have, how much of it is what we need, and REALIZE the fine line between our wants and needs. Being grateful is the first step to attaining contentment, & you only get there when you choose to exercise it. I cannot stress this enough- happiness doesn’t find you, it in fact is, the other way round. You have to move towards it, it’s a state of mind, not the end of a journey. You will have disappointments, little or large failures, reminders of a sad past, all around you, nearly every single day. What you need to focus on at those times is what you have been blessed with, what you have been given even before you asked for. This way, you will not let what you don’t have dampen your spirits.

A wonderful reason to be grateful, is because Allah loves he who is, and has promised abundance to him.

“… And remember! Your Lord caused to be declared: If you are grateful, I will add more unto you ( Surah Ibrahim 5-7)

Could there be a better motivation than this?!

Learn to say and mean- Alhamdulillah ala kulli haal!

Having tawakkal on Allah helps beyond anything.


What are some ways that you employ to shift your mind away from a disappointing incident? Do share with us!


4 thoughts on “From a worry-er to warrior! 4 Exercises to Worry Less

  1. Lovely reminder. I just love your drawings mashaAllah. Sister, you can make lots of it and bundle them together to give away as a freebie to join your blog list. I’ll be the first to sign up inshaAllah.


    1. Thank u so much sister. SubhanAllah believe it or not, last night I was spending some alone time, seriously reassessing my goals and actions, blogging and business wise, and just wondered if making a bundle of pen drawings of templates that people may want to color or practise drawing. Then I see thos comment first thing in the morning. *hugs* JazakiAllahu khair katheeran.


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