Interior Design- Renovation Project

Five months of blogging and about fifty blog posts later, I realize I haven’t put up anything related to Interior Designing.

I love design. It makes me alive, intrigued, happy, awake, inspired & itchy to do something more. That’s passion, isn’t it? Wanting to spring out of bed at 2 a.m. to jot down ideas? Sketching the most ambitious designs, nearly impossible to visualize by a layman? Yes, it’s a lot of hard work, a never ending process, and there is no one right way to do it which makes it so challenging! The disturbing part, I believe, is that you don’t just need a good eye for design, but also great communication skills to deliver why and how the result of the product/ project is what it is. Have I mentioned that my favorite saying is, ‘ if you can’t convince them, confuse them’!? Nevertheless, the exhilarating feeling of completing a design to your own satisfaction, and not wanting to add a single stroke, make all the sleepless days and nights driven by caffeine so worth it.

The project that I share today is a simple renovation- a redesigned sitting and dining area of a residence in South India.

The client was clear about having the color yellow and use well aged wood that he had been saving, in most of the area, which also happens to be a combination consistently favorite among the people of the town, I now notice. The only other request from the client was to keep the Dining and Living areas unsegregated. He wanted to have the dining area within the sitting area and not to segregate the space into fragments with the reason or excuse of ‘Privacy’. We designed a wall partition to embark the right functions into the respective areas, while still achieving a sense of ‘wholeness’ & ‘continuity’.

The mood board, basic plans, and 3D rendered design are below. We would love to hear some feedback, in shaa Allah. Yes, I need to work on the shadows and lighting. Practise makes perfect, in shaa Allah. The colors, however seem to have become more saturated and intense when I upload on wordpress. Anyone know how to fix that? I had to edit the images  to make it look close to what was intended but still there is some difference * sigh*

P.S. I am rather amateur, especially in rendering, and my computer doesn’t support V-Ray, hence I had to settle for iRender Nxt- which may I add is GOD-SENT! Such a brilliant and user- friendly tool!


We will let our pictures do the talking from here.




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