Liebster Award

I was nominated a while ago ( okay, fiiine, MONTHS ago) to do the Liebster Award series of questions by 1newleaf, a very talented storyteller who conveys islmic messages and ethical values in the simplest yet strongest of ways in her blog, mashaAllah ❤

Her blog is addictive, do check it out, in shaa Allah. Here is the link to sister Haya’s blog.

Grab some cookies as you read, please.

The point of this exercise is to get to know other bloggers while reflecting on the questions ourselves. I had fun doing it Alhamdulillah. Here are my answers to her questions.

  • Why did you start a blog?

I started a blog to push myself, to take my passions seriously. I could do what I do all day long for leisure, but doing it to get more productive and then use THAT to serve the purpose of life as a long term goal is the ultimatum.

  • What do you like in my blog?

I have a problem with overly minimalist, sparkling clean blogs. I feel like a lost child in too nice a hotel lobby lol. I love the simplicity of your blog, first off. 

Content wise, I love how relatable and easy your pieces and stories are. They can easily be read and understood by younger people and what a better way to convey and spread Islamic knowledge with instances that people can imagine themselves in. MashaAllah, I simply love your blog!

    • What’s the most important thing in your life?

    Being there for the people I love and serve as a good Muslim friend.

    • How do you cheer yourself when you are sad?

    I watch FRIENDS whe I badly need a, change of scene, or Grey’s Anatomy when I need a good cry. I workout or play with the kids when I need a distraction. I listen to nasheeds when I need to be lifted. I cry in sujood when I need a hug.

    • What do you generally gift others?

    Nice words and pretty things.

    • Whose company do you enjoy? Why?

    I love conversing with my husband because I learn a lot from him. His line of interests and mine are ( a million) miles apart and communicating helps us understand and learn from each other. I am all about design, people’s perspectives about issues, hobbies etc, my husband is all about sports, politics, business ideas, etc. I’m often hopelessly optimistic and he is bluntly realistic, yes, sometimes the other way round too.

    And, he’s the only adult I see other than my reflection throughout the week, so not much of a choice, really.

    • Who is your favorite Quran reciter?

    My childhood weekends consisted of the blaring strong voice of Abdurrahman As Sudais reciting Surah Baqarah and Yasin. The comfort of that is inexplicable.

    • Which surah/surahs you love to listen? why?

    As above 🙂

    • Where do you long to go on a visit? Why?

    Maldives! I’m such a beach person.

    Turkey! Because it’s soooper romantic.

    I’m open to anywhere local simply because I love roadtrips.

    Just nowhere cold, plis.

    • What are your hobbies?

    I thinnnk my blog sums it up.

    • If you start another blog, what will it be about?

      Possibly a PCOD health and fitness related. Maybe a beachbody reviewer? I may not look like it but I do love working out. Trust me.
      Annnnd here are my questions!

      • What does your Eid routine look like?
      • What are your fav verses from thethe Quran?
      • What do you need to change about yourself?
      • How can Paper Batter Banter be better?
      • What is your idea of comfort food?
      • What have you read or listened recently that touched you?
      • What is your take on homeschooling?
      • Which year of your life would you go back to if youu could?
      • If there was one place you could relocate to but never return, where would you go?
      • What is you favourite social media platform and why?
      • Which subject did you prefer or like when you were in school? Mention one topic or lesson from it which really interests/got you interested. 

      Feel free to go ahead and do this whether or not you are nominated. I’d love to know more about you in shaa Allah, and it’s a fun cycle to keep up.


      One thought on “Liebster Award

      1. Nice to see you participate. I loved your answers. Absolutely loved how you described by blog. 🙂 I thought as a designer you’ll be suggesting some changes. That can wait. ❤


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