REVIEW- Muslim Parenting Program by Ilma Education

I had completed this program about six months back, and alhamdulillah, I am sticking to it to the best of my capabilities. May Allah help us be better parents and bring our children up as good, responsible Muslims.

Allah has bestowed upon us the responsibility of caring for a little one.

We are responsible for the growth, development of their character, the principles instilled in them, their faith, which all contributes to the kind of humans, the kind of Muslims they will grow up to be, in shaa Allah. A Hundred pregnancy forums & parenting boards didn’t teach me what the 13 day Parenting program by Jameela Ho did.

13 Day Qualities of a Muslim Parent Challenge.png

It is very important to bring our children up as close to and within an Islamic family circle and that too, right from the start. We always come across situations we wish we had help with and we ask around, discuss or Google for the best ways to tackle such situations. In the last two weeks, having a handbook that taught me how to deal with these in a wise manner, in the light of the Sunnah was exactly what I needed, for optimum parenting AND the satisfaction of having no doubts over our parenting techniques actions.

Our roots have a strong connection to our today, and tomorrow. Jameela Ho does perfectly begins the program making us think and analyze our childhood, the tactics that were used on us, breaking down on what we’d like to follow from them, and what we wish not to. This brought a lot of perspective for me. Of course, we do think of our parents a lot but this exercise helped me explore in ways that didn’t occur to me in the last 5 years of being a parent- why they did what they did, what I did.

Coming from a Desi home, where shaming and threats weren’t sparsely used, I too succumbed to these responses on my difficult days. With Jameela’s guides and infographics, I was able to map my anger and channel my thoughts better, and I was able test other ways to handle such situations. Truly, once we learn how frowned upon something is from the Islamic perspective, we do tend to keep it at bay to our maximum capacity.

That is the beauty of this program.  Every step, every guide begins with a small but powerful reference or reminder of Hadiths & Dua’as.

An important change this program instilled in me was correcting my concentration to Haaziq. I am a SAHM working on a sideline business/blog, and I am guilty of being half-attentive to some of his actions and my responses to them, doing chores or spending time on social media. Having a space that I had to feedback to make me more mindful of his actions, my reactions and the consequences. I believe this was the most moving aspect of the whole exercise. I really did see that change begins from us.

I know, better late than never, nevertheless I do wish I came across her program earlier. My ( first) little one is now 5, he made me a mom, and obviously, I have learned with time about parenting. I probably would have been a much more PATIENT parent, and known how to handle my anger better. Alhamdulillah ala kulli haal. I hope I am able to practice what I have learned and spread the word to help others, in shaa Allah. You can read and find out more about the program here.


P.S.: Jameela Ho has an AMAZING blog! Lots of activities for kids, book reviews, and plethora of parenting help, mashaAllah! Please, do check it out here.


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