Watercolor Wedding Invitation 

What I love most about what I do is the unending options I have.

I absolutely loved my 8-6 job as a designer. I learned plenty, I was motivated, I loved my colleagues. The tiny void was the restriction I had with my work. I designed mediocre plans, had little say in the exterior design, and could rarely practise 3D softwares. I needed challenges and ways to expand my horizon, express myself through my designs and love the process.

Now, with just some basic know-how and lil more passion for watercolor, crafts, photoshop, and design in general, I am able to do a lot, lot more.

Take a look at our first digital invitation done for a darling friend’s wedding.

The project started off with a discusion on the basic layout and elements preferred. Once we settled with classic florals, we shared some watercolor motifs to understand the clients needs better.

Since the couple loves all shades of blue, we settled on using a blue-purple-green color palette.With the magic of photoshop, we worked with the basic blue watercolor flowers and created a half frame for the top of the invitation. 

Excuse my workspace. I cram everything out of my kids reach and I end up with… well you can see it.

With a little adjustments and adding the text, we finished the invitation with fonts and colors to suit the easy going, comforting, fun but classy couple we loved to work with. 

Tell us what you think about it. 
P.S.:  to our FB and IG followers, we didn’t forget about posting the FROZEN themed felt/quiet book. It just seemed fair to put up projects that we’ve done in a fair, if not perfect, order. Hoping that thr next post is all about the most awaited one, in shaa Allah. 


6 thoughts on “Watercolor Wedding Invitation 

  1. I love it! So pretty mashaAllah. Definitely, this is your where your business is, inshaAllah. I really love the rose watercolour – oh well I’m already married, can’t do an invitation. What could I get you to do with that rose for me? I’m not sure what I need.


    1. jazakiAllahu khair ❤ encouragement lifts us up so much! dear sister, thank you! I'd love to work with you on anything. Just name it :* From a Monogram or a verse, any concept or project coming up that I could be of help, let me know, in shaa Allah 🙂

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      1. I love roses and I’m so in love with your rose watercolour. I’ll have to think about what I could use that for. I do a lot of writing so I’m thinking maybe a book cover/journal. Now I have to think of a book to write just for that watercolour. InshaAllah I’ll message you when I have the book ready.


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