Love in Routine

When does it happen? The moments which keeps us going stronger than ever? 

Passion? No, it isn’t in those moments. It’s in the usuals- in the routine peck on the cheek, the look before you leave for work; the way you smell after a shower and the way you smell fifteen minutes after. 

It’s not in the date nights and surprise gifts.

It’s when you hold me closer when I drift away from you in the middle of the night. It’s when you buy me the right dosage of chocolate when I PMS and not expect me to share.

It isn’t when you write songs for me, because, well, we know you suck at words and God knows whether that’s a reason or excuse. It’s when a song reminds me of you, and how I feel about you, and it makes me feel I can write a lot better because I feel way more about you than how it says in our favorite songs.

It isn’t when you offer to lift the grocery bags or take care of me like you don’t need to. It’s how you encourage me to share the burden and take responsibilities, to be better and stronger.

It’s not in the unending gazes or warm hugs or movie nights. What are they anyway? Since so long, they’ve been swapped for quick sly glances, quicker hugs and messy feeding sessions, nappy changing, temperature checking, just overall parenting ways of life.

So what makes this so magical?

It’s in the little nothings, unsaid everythings, somethings to smile about, and nothing specials. A little bit of it all. Love isn’t a word enough. Adoration? Maybe. A little more than an addiction, perhaps.


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