Like A Star!- How to make a Glittery Star Prop 

It has been a while since I posted any artsy-things. I decided to post a DIY of a project I did in the recent past. 

A kindergarten teacher needed something special and snazzy to celebrate and encourage a student whone she chooses to be ‘Star of thethe Week’, by taking their pictures with a frame-like prop, and perhaps also a crown/ tiara or spectacles shaped foam sheets. 

We did a lot of weighing our options, deciding on a budget, and of course, comparing our current place to that her fellow colleagues (who apparently are competitive in showing off their choice and ways, from the kind of activities and lesson plans they follow, to patting the backs of their students, and that didn’t feel like healthy competition).

Initially we decided to go by the usual road. Square frame, make school related cartoons like pencils, crayons, school bus, etc separately on colored construction paper or draw andmd paint, them, etc. We were okay with the decision, I wasn’t psyched but we decided to go ahead with it.

The customer then asked if I can replicate this:

Image source: unknown

Needless to say, I got super excited and got to work.

I love challenges that aren’t way out of my comfort zone. Even for my graduation projects, I would produce mediocre results of a difficult design than produce an excellent product of an easy task. I feel content at the fact that I learn and improvise, come across wider options and carve out a bigger niche of my interests that way.

I bought the materials from Jarir Bookstore. 

Materials Needed:

  • Foam Board
  • Compass
  • Cutter- preferably the one with a pen hold
  • Glue- white or Uhu, or any other that dries clear
  • Glitter- a small shaker
  • Mod Podge/ diluted white glue to seal glitter

I first cut the foam board in the desired shape, and for that I had to figure how to create a perfect star. 

This is where mathematical geometry comes handy.

Image source: unknown

Once I drew the circle, divided the circumference into equal parts of five, the ends of which make at angle of 72 degrees at the center, I drew the star and got to the messy work- my fav part!

A hot pen knife works wonders, and I did good enough with a regular cutting blade.  

You may want to smoothen the rugged edges, if any, with a sandpaper.

I then proceeded to coat it with glitter. I first coated the star with a thin coat of transparent UHU glue and shook glitter over it. Once it dried, I then repeated with regular white glue, elmer’s or school glue, and spread the glitter.

The most importantand final step is: using sealant!

If you don’t want to be sweeping behind every person who handles the the star, this step is crucial. I brushed on some diluted white glue which works fine, but the best thing to use would be a spray on Mod Podge.

Voila! How pretty is this!

Does anyone else see the star with eyes and a quirky expression? ^


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