My OCD- Obsessive Compulsive Doodling

I’m an impulsive doodler.

It’s an addiction; an obsession.

I used to finish writing my exams early and draw mindlessly on my question paper to forget the, trauma I’d just been through.

You can’t leave a pen and paper by my side and expect it to stay that way.

As is the case with chocolate.

Are you a doodler, too? If so, do you feel like it helps with concentration? I feel that when my hand is busy, my mind is better focused.

Whether during classes, workshops, even when listening to lectures online, I become a better listener while I let myself go with a pen on paper.

If I don’t draw and I’m expected to listen to boring people my mind jumps between topics like ‘ How to recycle better’ and ‘ Quoting quotes from FRIENDS’. 

I’m a self- taught henna artist, and most of my doodles are henna inspired. Here’s some work I did during the teaching workshops I attended when I took up a teaching job back in 2013-2014.

One of my ( far into the future) business ‘goals’is to own a line of ‘henna-fied’ crafts and canvases- an extention of my love for henna, doodling, and wall art.

When God Wills ๐Ÿ™‚


10 thoughts on “My OCD- Obsessive Compulsive Doodling

  1. I thought I’m the only one who can’t keep the hands silent!!!

    I used to work on henna too. I loved paper cutting and embroidery. I’m currently busy with crochet. I guess we are in same boat.

    By the way, your henna designs are great.<3


    1. Oh I have never met another person who loves going crazy with a pen/pencil!! High-five!!
      I love paper cutting & basic sewing! I used to work on hand embroidery long back, but I intend to learn machine embroidery some time in shaa Allah. Crochet is amazing! It’s one of the things I tried to learn but failed miserably lol, but that was way back, before YouTube. Tried to learn from an aunt and my (lack of-) knack for this slightly affected our relationship so I thought it was best to let it go ๐Ÿ˜€
      Thank you!

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      1. You amaze me!!! You should try Arabic calligraphy.

        Insha Allah, you can present Quran verses in beautiful patterns. This in a way could attract you and others more towards Quran.


  2. I’m not a scribbler but I love to make things so I’ve learnt to do henna style drawings by watching others to make colouring sheets for my students to colour in.

    I used to do embroidery and cross stitch but they took so long that I gave them up. I still do knitting and currently am learning crochet. My problem is that I need to do something that finishes quickly. I used to start knitting jumpers but it would take forever and I’d end up giving up so now I discovered that if I do small itmes such as hats and socks then I’d get them done. LOL.

    I was thinking that you could do brush lettering. It’s something that I’ve recently discovered. It uses modern English calligraphy. I used to learn calligraphy but it was so exacting – you have to get the measurements right etc that I gave it up too -it just took too long. But brush lettering, on the other hand, is more free form. I was thinking of writing Qur’anic quotes in English with brush lettering and henna style designs around it. See if this interests you as well.

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