This Blogging Business, I tell you!

I just launched my blog and business and I was quite low in the begining on how to sail successfully in a world with so much competition in nearly every aspect and field.
Alhamdulillah I have understood and learned so much in these few months, and I’m so thankful for it, Alhamdulillah!

I shall share some insights, motivation and what helped me on my down days.

  • Make the right friends. Spend you energy and effort for people who lift each other up. Life is short; and so not worth the negative vibes and drama. Ain’t no one got no time for that!
  • Learn. There’s so much to learn and discover, out in the world and within yourself. Be open to it. Be a sponge! You can not improvise without being ready to learn, and if so, you will definitely fall behind sooner or later.
  • Success is in your mind. If you take two orders and are able to deliver well, it’s better than putting your hands and feet in fifty different things and producing mediocre results.
  • Do not be afraid to fail. The best of minds have failed innumerable times, and every step that you fail is a step you know doesn’t work out. You are only closer to success that way.
  • It’s so, so important to be easy on yourself and not beat yourself up. You do so much, and there are enough critics around you. If you don’t love, nurture and encourage yourself, who will?
  • Patience and consistency.  You must, must, must wait, and must, must, must be consistent with your work. Ideas, businesses, and people fail, sparks die, bulbs fuse; But- Love and passion remain. sustain, survive, thrive, FEED your love for your work. Remember why you started it, remember how far you’ve come, remind yourself how far you want to and are capable of reaching.
  • There will always be people to put you down. Always. There will be people who copy you, question you, intimidate you, irritate you. Know that all this is because they NOTICE you and your work. You have grabbed attention. That’s no joke  Celebrate it!

Just keep doing what you’re doing, and love what you do. When your destination seems too far, remember to love the process. You can’t go wrong that way, in shaa Allah!


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