My Reflections of 2016

Now that 2016 is almost over, let’s have the routinely expected ‘What the year xXxX taught me’ post.

  1. If you bend over, someone will always be around to ‘dash’ you. Explicit, yes, but somehow the world has become a place of utter cruelty and thoughtlessness that people tend to look forwarf to, others’ failures or setbacks than their own growth, and they may even push it a little to give themselves an ego boost. 
  2. There will be some people who constantly criticize & take time and effort to prove your unworthiness- MOVE ON. You don’t need the approval or acknowledgement from everyone.
  3. There are people who come to you only when they need a shoulder to cry on or help of any kind. Your upbringing and reaction should decide your attitude towards them. Do not ignore them.
  4. Real friends give you time. They will give up sleep or food to make you feel better. They will give you advice and constructive criticism, or even a slap on your face if you are in need of one.
  5. As you grow older, your comrade circle gets smaller, truer and more ‘refined’.
  6. Human beings always disappoint. Believe in God than people, and you will have fewer heartbreaks.
  7. Skill, talent, luck, hard work… all work up to A POINT. Beyond this, what works is: diplomacy and communication; NETWORKING IS KEY. These will take you to the top of the game.
  8. Watch your enemies or competitors. If they feel threatened, you’ve every reason to keep going and even celebrate a little.
  9. Family sucks. Family Rocks. Family is family. Do not underestimate the power of unity and your people the respect and attention.
  10. All anyone SHOULD want when they grow up is to keep their parents happy and kids content. Such people will BE happy. Happy people are winners. 

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