Biscoff Cookies

If you intend to attempt to lose weight in the near future, and are staying away from sights, sounds, smells of anything related to food habits that may cause an expanding waistline, look away.

If you, like me, often plan, wish, and decide to working towards fitness goals starting next Monday, next  month, or next year, well, read on 😀

You love bread? Who doesn’t, yea?

What you love bread with? Nutella? Peanut butter? Both? Yea, me too! Separately, together, open faced toast, or a full double slice sandwich, spoon in the jar, yup yup, done it all!

You know what else I love on bread?

Lotus Biscoff Spreads.

*major salivating*


I enjoyed my first Lotus Biscuit back in 2012.

Again, it was Thana, whom I had introduced in my Apple Muffin Talk, who brought this deliciousness into my life.

Such melt in the mouth caramelized perfect little things that make life on earth a tiny bit better. I assure you, I have since then enlightened the lives of many with these biscuits. If you haven’t tried them yet, WHAT ARE YOU READING THIS POST FOR?! Go get yourself some, and thank me later!

Hey, but while you are at the store, you may want to buy the Cookie Spread too.

And then, you thank me.

And buy me something pretty.

I bought my first jar of Lotus Biscoff Spread two weeks ago at AlMadina Hypermarket, where they had a crazy sale going on. What’s with all these major sales happening everywhere? Recession much?

I got one jar, and at the end of two days, I had finished half of it. Yes, with a spoon. I had to make use of the rest in some way, or else I knew my husband would be ticked off when he sees I hadn’t shared it with him ( hence the jar in the first pic in empty). So I decided to incorporate some of the spread into cookies, and voila! Here are the UH-MAZING-NESS AWE-SOMEST COOKIE KARRAMBAAA! I followed this recipe, and made a few adjustments, with the sugars ratio & spread- flour proportion. Sally, if you ever read this: I love you, your baking, your words, your blog, absolutely everything about you. If I ever move to the US, chances are you will have to get a restraining order against me.

Since the base of the spread has a caramelized undertone and works best with brown sugar, the recipe uses just that, and, I let the pockets of brown sugar lumps be as they are, and they give nice little surprises in you palate. Happy- happy!




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