Chocolate Chip Cookie (-Dough)

I believe my love for anything chocolate has been established here. Keep in mind that it would be a very rare occurence if any baking related post of mine doesn’t involve chocolate.

Oh, but today, we definitely have chocolate.

In something that complements it in the most beautiful way. Perfect marriage, match made in heaven. 

Chocolate Chip Cookie.

I had my first chewy chocolate chip cookie from the Seef Mall in Bahrain, from Mrs Richards. Damn, those were some amazing cookies. Rich, buttery-but-not-overwhelmingly, perfect ratio of chocolate chips to the dough, a little crunch and a chewy, fudgy center. Perfection!

These cookies taste quite like them. the fact that my little one kept stealing cookie dough balls says how decadent they were in their pure, unbaked form.

Chocolate Chip Cookies, dear readers (chips chucked for chunks). 

Welcome, winter!


13 thoughts on “Chocolate Chip Cookie (-Dough)

  1. Don’t they just love to help?

    The little ones are always eager to help out with baking especially – so they can get some dough bites as a reward for their *hard work*.


  2. I love love chocolate and anything that contains chocolate in it😍
    I should better make some cookies because after looking at these pictures I can’t control now,i am hungryπŸ˜‚


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