A little Thanks

A little Apple-Cinnamon cupcake-y muffin, anyone?

A blast to the past now, shall we?

I vividly remember baking my first banana oats muffins. They came out soggy, under-baked, and tasting oatmeal-y. I think I was supposed to use oat flour, but I didn’t grind the oats.

I remember baking my first cake. Who cared for directions, I just added the ingredients, dry and wet, in random order, and scrapped the result before anyone at home saw it.

I remember making my first frosting. I used granular sugar. Enough said.

I gave up baking for a while because of a series of failures and the PTSD that followed. Then I tasted a colleague’s apple cinnamon muffins, and oh-my-dear-God, the caramelized apple melting in my mouth, the smell of cinnamon wafting through the whole office… I clearly remember that day. It was one of my favorite days ever.

Thana really inspired me to bake, in spite of the failed attempts; she encouraged me that there was no rocket science involved. Then I did what I do best, read, read, and read. Read all possible tip, tricks, and nuances to avoid all possible things that can go wrong. I then started baking when I was desperate to feed my very picky eater anything to keep him filled for a while.

I dedicate this post to Thana.

Thana, I love you for the confidence you have given me, in baking and otherwise. Your daughter is one lucky little baby. Thank you, and lots of love.


3 thoughts on “A little Thanks

  1. what a beautiful thing to read at the beginning of a stressful day. you made my day dear! 🙂 thank you for your kind words. I never knew i could have a positive effect and never thought my Apple cake (my favorite) would make you want to start again.

    keep up and for sure you will be amazed of how creative you can get with baking.

    much love for you and your sweet little family. XO


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