Watercolor Riyadh Skyline

I always steal a few mins with my paints when my kids are asleep. It’s usually not longer than twenty mins but it really destressed me and gives the effect of having taken a powernap.

Since my one year old is an extremely light sleeper, he usually wakes up crying and I have to drop what I do and run to him. I seldom get to complete what I started doing. You can make that out by the hurried brush strokes on the Kingdom Tower 😀


One thought on “Watercolor Riyadh Skyline

  1. Lol I know the feeling. I do a lot of sewing by machine. When my eldest was born I couldn’t sew at all because every time I start thmachine there’ll be a cry and I couldn’t do it while he was awake because it was impossible. So I stopped sewing or any form of craft/making activities for about 8 years. Now I’m back with a vengance!


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