Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

Such a delicious blog title *drool*

Who here loves anything chocolate?
*raises both hands*

I’m not fond of cake as much as I thought I was. I enjoy baking, yes, but although I’d.like to try difference flavours, I don’t because I only.enjoy.eating chocolate cake. Turns out my older son takes after me in this regard.

So the regulars at my place are: chocolate mug cake, chocolate cake, and big fat chocolate cookies. They’ll all come your way on the blog, in good time, In shaa Allah. It really is about time my blog is painted allI over with chocolate.

My other huge weakness is chocolate chips… with anything. or without 😉

If you love chocolate chip cake and chocolate chip cookie, you ought to try our chocolate chip cookie cake! A total melt in the mouth, rich and moist cross between a cookie and cake. Or dare I say, a cake sized cookie!

 Oh this is pure love ❤ 

Can be made with butterscotch, white chocolate, semisweet, dark or milk chocolate chips.


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