just baby things

Just Baby Things 5

I just can’t..
I can’t even…
I don’t even…
What the…

My almost 5 year old has this security blanket that he just cannot do without. He can’t ever sleep without it. I didn’t try to wean him off it because he has always been a shy homey child and has just started coming out of his shell and talking to.people. btw he also sucks him pointer. He used to use both the pointer and middle finger but then he got hurt once on.the middle finger and he gave the middle finger the middle finger :p

I usually even had a hard time putting it to wash. He used to cry that his blanky would get hurt and demand it to be removed from.the washing machine. He used to hug it when it was half wet. Now since he started going to school, I wash it when he is in school.

Today, I did something unforgiveable. We r planning to travel this weekend and so.I folded and placed the blanky in a plastic cover so that he knows that I will be taking it along. When in time for his afternoon.nap he couldnt find it he started crying. When I showed him I packed it, he started crying, wailing!! He said he doesnt want to.sleep without it, he wants to take it to our destination, but he shouldnt take it out of the cover. He can’t sleep without it, but can’t take it out of the cover, he screamed as to why I folded the blanket. He is now too angry at me AND THAT STUPID BLANKET and he wont sleep.

The things you go through as a.mother, seriously.


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