Paper Purse Messages

I believe I have established my love for little things.

One other thing I adore is pleasing people with words.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a ‘people pleaser’, but when I really like someone, I have almost always had my way with them with carefully chosen expressions.

I can also be a rude, sarcastic bi*** when I want.


I love writing love letters and expressions for other people’s love and social life. I could go on about how successful they have turned out to be, but I’m trying to be modest here, so, I’ll move on.

I think meaningful expressions are turned up a notch when presented in a more prodcutive way; and that’s exactly what we have this week.

Here, I present to you, a Mini Expressive Purse, made with papers from the Enogreetings Paper Pack I’d bought from CraftBuzz.




Check out a boomerang snippet here

The framed pockets with the message cards can be replaced with photos as well. They can be customized to hold thicker folding cards- accordion, waterfall or squash cards.Suitable for simple messages, hellos, goodbyes, thank yous, sorrys, and just because.

Longer notes or poetry can be fixed on strings or ribbons and stacked within the frame. The wide folding space at the bottom makes it possible to play limitlessly with what this product can be used for.


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