Little Boxes

Who else loves anything tiny?

I am fascinated by small stuff. Things that are too small to fit anything in, created with utmost care and designed to be perfect, pleasing to the eye, cutesy & that can fit in your palm, but possibly ‘useless’ to those that have no creative power.

*tiny squeal*

I am a Pinterest addict. I am one of those people who would save up all kinds of crap that I will one day, some day, use for some kind of craft.

At one point of time I had saved up over a dozen egg cartons.

Here is my first project: Tiny Boxes made with papers from the Enogreetings Paper Pack I’d bought from CraftBuzz.


These boxes can be made to any sizes, designed according to any theme, and can be embellished to all glory.



The beauty of handmade stuff lies in the fact that they can be customized to no end! From ‘Mint to Be’ boxes, to party favors, from themes like Baby Showers to using them to hold personal Love Coupons, with the right size and shape, you can’t go wrong!


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