Engagement of Sorts- 1

I don’t know when it happened.  Life changed; Priorities changed; I changed

Was it when I realized studying and an escalating career graph won’t be all that fulfilling?

Was it when I realized friends are going to have their own lives soon and a companion for life was lacking in me?

Or was it when the stupid, corny, cheesy romantic me was losing hope and decided to settle, dumping all my dreams and just go with the flow?


It is a known fact that almost always, girls score better than boys in academics.

In the desi community at least!

It may be because they are better organized, have better grasping power, are good with language and communication and are better listeners and hence deliver efficiently.

OR it could be because desi parents are constantly throwing threatening hints of getting us married ASAP if we don’t prove ourselves by ‘mugging up’, ‘by-hearting’ and ‘swallowing- vomiting on paper’.

While my parents didn’t exactly do that, I just didn’t want them to be encouraged by my family and cousins constantly asking about whether or not they were guy hunting. However, on my first semester vacation, they threw the “we-are-getting-too-old-and-weak” card and informed ( cautioned) me that they had started analyzing and considering proposals.

I immediately started plotting ways to slow the process down.


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