Engagement of Sorts- 2


I was doing my graduation in a magical land. I had a lot more freedom and girl- company, a lot more EVERYTHING there than I ever did back home.

There were two specializations offered in the final year of BAID ( Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design) that we could choose from- Product Design & Business Studies

Since we want to kill time, I thought, why not do both? I could just hang around the campus an extra year and it could be an added advantage that no one considered.

When I proposed this plan to my HOD ( of course, according to him this idea cropped up in my mind for my extensive, undying love for design, and my wish to contribute to this sacred field to the best of my capabilities), he told me to ‘ Shut up, get out and shut the door on your way’.

He literally didn’t even hear me out completely.

hmm… I wonder if anyone ever does, actually.


I realized I should play to my strengths now. My rude, honest, blunt sarcasm wasn’t going to get me anywhere here, though.

The next best thing about me was, my height.

I stand 5’6.5″ tall and although it probably isn’t above average, I am taller than most of my cousins, and most females in my community.

and my dad ( mortifying and scarring on so many levels…)

I decided to exaggerate my height on my bio-data a tiny bit to slow the process of man-hunting

and yes! It worked!.

I didn’t get hooked to a guy until my final semester, and when I did, I had no regrets getting hitched to a guy that made me look smaller. My size has always made me super conscious, and not just height-wise.

Oh, it’s a huge story ( see what i did there, ha!).

Soon after that, I had to devote my free time to getting to know the guy, and, ahem, etc. That’s when I stopped blogging.

Fast forward, a mom of two monkey boys, wife of a simian man, this momma gorilla is craving to get back to her old habits and hobbies.

And that’s why and where this blog has happened!

I am rekindling my interests for my own sanity, and consequently, the safety of my kids and husband.





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